adclickmedia- does it work?

Adclickmedia is an another option for both publisher and advertisers to reach their goal online. adclickmedia is the considered as the new firm in the field of online ads from the website it is clear that they are offering a good publisher network for the advertisers and the quality content related ads for the publisher. it provides earning on the basis of total number of clicks but not on pay per thousand impression.

The sign up process is very simple. goto the adclickmedia official site. fill up the personal information and your account is ready to use no need to wait for an approval of account. fill up sites description ,customize ad unit and get the javascript code. place it to the relevant position on your own site.

The facilities provided to advertisers are as follows:

  • Advertisers can display text ads along with photo on the network
  • Get the targeted traffic on pay per click advertising.
  • Advertisers are allowed to select keywords that matches with site content or related to the product which they are promoing.
  • setting your own price per visit to the site which ranges from 10 cents to 30 dollar.
The facilities provided to publishers:
  • publishers can place ads to the relevant position just by pasting a HTML code.
  • Earn about 50% of the revenue given by the publisher.
  • An addition payments of 10% can be earned by the total aernings of referral.
  • Get paid at the end of the month, no threshold limit.
The problem I face while using adclickmedia ads is it's software is not conting the number of clicks properly though the total number of impressions are well counted. so it's ultimate effect occurs on the payments. hence get cautious about this fact while using adclickmedia.
visit official site of adclickmedia


  1. AdClickMedia has been working for me for 5 months. I like the way its setup and the earning potential.

    Bob Warren

  2. Then it is going to be good for the publisher as well as the user so that the mutual benefit will get the work ahead.Nice update here.

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