adsense alternative

If your adsense account gets frozen without getting any alert massages and not allowed to get participate in adsense program in future then don't think to give up because there are many web marketing sites are available which allows you to display their ads through your site or blog.
the list of programs is as follows:
the best ad marketing program after google is considered as the adbrite. which allows to display customised ads . through some of experiences, it doesn't give ecpm as higher as google but gives good amount of money on pay per click system.
chitika is also one of the leading ad marketing agency in USA and canada. Ads are visible through chitika only when traffic reaches to your site through search engines only from USA and canada. It provides good ecpm depending on the users coming from the typical part of USA and canada.
bidvertiser is also considered as one of the good marketing agency around the globe but what my experience says that it provide good ecpm only when site has a huge traffic. so its better not to go towards it unless site has a good traffic.
nuffnang is the emerging ad marketing client. It is the first asian blog advertising company provides advertising option for asian bloggers. It allows to earn money through both affiates and ads on blogs. many people has a good experience with it and thinks that it works for sites having low traffic.
Text link ads is considered as the good ad serving agency with inline ads. means ads will appear over particular word of content when cursor is kept over it. It provides satisfactory e-cpm. but initialy earnings will be quite low but as the traffic goes on increasing the revenue per click increases . just one needs to signup and paste the html/javascript code somewhere in page.
NAUTANKI.TV: provides ads in video's. the ads will be shown before the video starts and after the video clip finishes. thus in one click viewer face two ads. is affiliated to many famous television channels (fashion,news, music ,movie , sports) including fashion tv,CNN, DISCOVERY and lots more. thus showing video ads on site will be more profitable. someone said that one picture is similar to thousand words thus the effective mode of immediate advertising is video advertising.
for getting video channels simply signup for free to create channels related to blog or the video you want to show.submit it and get the code. place it onthe position where the channel has to shown. enjoy the flow of money with diffrent channels on your site.


content link is the in text advertising provided by . content link ads is becoming the most famous in text advertising. It provides a high pay per click rating comparable to other services but the traffic reaches should be legit inorder to get more revenue per click.

simply sign up with and place the javascript code on webpage to get textlink ads. generaly good payment depends on the traffic coming from which continent. If it is from countries like USA, Canada, UK and jermany the e-cpm will be high.

online writer- is attracting many quality web writers to get their content published on the internet and available for to read for millions of viewers. this is the best place to reach on the desktop of many online readers. In this site all thecontent right from pet care to career discussion is available.
consider the following modes.
  • for helium visitors
Every day, our diverse community shares on everything from politics to parenting advice, to pop culture, to the environment and more. You’ll find Helium rich with quality content, different points of view and expert insight.
Whether you are doing research or discovering something new, looking for pet care advice or learning how to fly-fish, Helium is your one-stop shop to read what you need.
  • for publishers
Are you a print or online publisher? Helium Marketplace is your on-demand publishing solution for custom, quality content to meet your editorial needs. Break free from the traditional freelance mold and get content from a growing pool of thousands of writers. Say good-bye to interviewing candidates, reviewing portfolios and processing 1099s.
Helium Marketplace puts custom content at your fingertips.
  • for writers
Do you know home remedies to cure a cold, how to home-school a child, or the best places to dine in your hometown? Share your expertise! When you write at Helium, you help inform millions, earn money, get recognized and build your portfolio.

now the idea might get clear. the writers write their content and make it available for readers. there are some publishers who are looking for good writers to write content for their site. thus publisher finds writer trough this content and automaticaly writers get chance to earn If you think that you have an ability to be a writer, go for it.

earn by mobile phone-admad

Admad is considered as one of the best advertising site through sms. Admad a good potential site has been created by the young enginners from delhi to meet the requirements of growing advertising industry.The total number of mobile users in india hits 40.66 million and it's second fastest growing nation in terms of mobile usage after china. Now one can realise the potential of mobile advertising and it is also the great source earning money for users just by receiving sms. the another best thing about admad is it has five stages of refferal policy which allows you to earn money getting asleep.

The pattern of earning money is as follows

  • Get 20 paise for each sms you receive.

  • Get 15 paise for each SMS your friends recieve.

  • Get 10 paise for each SMS their friends recieve.

  • Get 5 paise for each SMS their friends recieve.

  • Get 1 paisa for each SMS their friends recieve.

If we calculate the amount through 5 stage deep refferal program receiving 10 sms per day,it would have reach to RS 12000 /- per month.

For signing up, sms your and send it to 56767077. The easy sign up process no need to write a lengthy sign up form. the mobile sign up process is carried out to resist the spam effect. thus it is totaly safe to join and earn.

so, get your phone and easy bucks while asleep.

Graphic competition-earn by designing

Graphic competition is the site which provides a great information about the online competions for designing logos. If you are a graphic designer or a photoshop expert then the best way to spend spare time by participating in online designing competions. On an average a good designer can earn 2000$ and more depending on skills.

Graphic competition is the site has a knowledge of competion from reputed designer institutes like adobe,3D game companies , flash using organisations and many software firms. these institutes organise a high prize competition. These contest are designed keeping in view of university students , experienced fellows in this field and for newbeans.I this site seperate sections are provided for both contest holders and designers. thus anyone can take a contest and it is absolutely free to join.

In each case the idea of designing is provided for example a T-shirt manufacturer holds a contest for designs on T-shirts and manufacture the shirts with winnig design also cosider a web deign company which holds a contest for logo design. the cash prize for contest varies from 200$ to 3000$.

so get your designing tools ready and earn by designing.

online project- is the emerging online project site helping IT professional and enterpreners to get their urgent project complete within specified time. In the current global recession where many outsourcing companies witnessing the economic downturn, the other sector of outsourcing which is freelancing experienced the incredible growth . is one of them.

Due to heavy work schedule many website owners and IT products enterprener from USA , Europe,Australia, and India distribute their subprojects to individual professional or to the worker skilled in concerned job.this includes work right from designing websites to program for software and the data entry in jobs. The menu of jobs has various variety that a person with basic knowledge of typing can do it.

This is the best opportunity for those who wish to work from home. In one has to sign up and get his profile updated ( consisting information about skills,progarming languages, personal information, etc.) then search for the project in your proficiency, upload a bid for project, contact the project owner and get him know about your point of view towards project. once project owner keep faith on you and depending upon your ranking decided by buyers ,projects start coming to the doorstep.

Get the projects and start earning money from home

mginger-Earn from sms

mginger is the emerging marketing agency in india. It provides ad marketing through sms on mobile phones and help users to earn money by reading sms.

the aim of goods industry is to get thir product known to maximum customers.these industry provides their product information to the services like ginger to market their product. this money gets divided to marketing agency , telecom services for sending sms and finaly to users so that maximum people get attracted towards it and it is profitable to the users as they receive thousands of bucks for just couple of minutes.

for getting paid sms from mginger, sign up for free to mginger with mobile number,email address and personal details.daily maximum ten sms are sent and it is sufficient to generate more than Rs 2500/- per month. home address is correctly provided for sending cheques by post.The cheque can be taken out if balance reaches to Rs 300/-.

after sign up. users are allowed to update thir profile.on this basis an sms autobot sends the relevant ads to the users .the service of inviting friends is also available , one can invite friends through email, sms and through blog . people will get paid for every user connects to mginger through affiliates.

so sign up for free and enjoy daily free bucks through sms.

Earn money with You Tube

You tube is giving chance to bloggers and site owners to maximize their revenue through you tube you tube is not only video sharing site . many bloggers agree that it's very important to keep readers busy on site for maximum time which increases the probablity of getting ads clicked. you tube is one more and effective option to increase the revenue through adsense. To the top of every video unit there are ads by google so one more adsense unit gets added to site. If placed in right position when viewer watching video's ads constantly start appearing above video unit hence probability is much more to get links clicked.
Anyone with an active adsense account can put video unit on signing in to google acco
unt in adsense setup a video unit link is there from which it directs to the you tube site.after signing in to you tube account you are allowed to create adsense player.
In customize player section player with different sizes , with color layout is available preview of it is shown simultaneously. After setting theme and layout section chose a keyword related to the site where these unit will get placed.setting appropriate keyword would place a quality video's .
there is no limit on the total no of video units on more number of player more adsense units will be there . so getting video units could be a good thought to increase the revenue as well as traffic.

Drive traffic on website

how the world come to know about a bussines.The best and effective way is through classified ads.getting proper adword ad could be the good traffic promoting option to let world knows your existence.these ads should be effective in order to attract people in first sight.classified ads will only help to generate interest in people to watch the website. In adwords these ads are placed in appropriate position according to class and categories and accordingly gets distributed on internet with same class and category the particular ad contains ,so as to expose quality traffic on site.otherwise placing ads in wrong place will not serve the in adsense or in any marketing agency placed in different categories , placing it in category other than the original category your ad will not drive the effective traffic.
thus the moral is to place ads in right position.
there are various rules to create an effective ads.basically it consist of three parts TITLE. BODY, & desired RESULT.the effective ad is such which catches the attention of viewer at the first sight.the title should be such that it explains the whole thing then the later discriptive work will be done by the middle section.keeping body content more feasible and straightforward will heighten the interest of readers. avoid writing lengthy and boaring content. the moral is to keep the interest of readers in product and highlight the speciality of product/site.
for effective ads marketing , be honest about what you offer it will definately help to keep the faith of costumers / readers in words.mouth publicity is considered as the best someone got to know about your bussiness and truly likes it then the other things will happen automatically just make every possible loyal effort to care about customers. the fake or lying words will not help the bussiness to stand for a long time.loyal efforts will definately grip the curiosity of customers.
your website will be hit if you can convince people about the profit or benefit they get through particular product . once it started working then there is ceaseless flow of traffic.
To keep on updating the content will make people curious about what new thing have recently been added.thus the previous hits will visit again and again.To know about what your competitors are offering keep on visiting their sites to get more idea of various stuffs.To drive an effective traffic search engine optimization would be the biggest source of open directory help me allot.If the site is about product marketing then the money back guarantee will reduce the chance of losing money of customers

Data Entry Jobs-getafreelancer

Earn good bucks thorugh data entry and copywriting. sign up free for & earn more than 3000$ per month.If you have free time of an hour or two then I am sure the doors of earning more than thousand dollars are open for you.

Take out some time from your routine,follow simple steps & definately you will laugh on current global recession. sign up for, fill profile correctly according to specialisations , only mark the terms which satisfies the specialities.

Be careful whle filling up profile as project holder will handover project looking at the profile and bid placed.profile should be attractive & must contain the true infomation.

after signup goto the main page & click on top projects.depending on profile select the project, place appropriate bid for the project. (note: If first project, place the minimum amount,so that an project holder gets attracted and give a chance).getting a first project is always can place a bid for 12 projects till gold membership(12 $ for gold membership per month). wait till 12$ get deposited in account & immediately get a gold members can place bid for 160 projects at a time.On top of the page their is find project block, enter the project for ex- data entry,copywrite etc. the list of available projects will get displayed.take a suitable project ,the project layout will open containing brief information about project. below it on "post a bid" tag" enter amount and no. of days to complete it. give description about skills & personal project technique to satisfy the needs( do not enter personal contact information).keep on trying other projects as the project holder will handover project to only one personnel hence it is better to keep approach on as many as possible.check your e-mails & if selected get it done prominantly.

Next projects work will be on the basis of your profile rating given by project holders.

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