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xcel-online surveys is the emerging market research client in india.it provides a good market goods analysis to marketing agencies and also provides good amount money to it's survey partners.

for enroling you have to sign up the application form with email address or mobile number.after clicking the confirmation link,you are allowed to update your profile,so that they can invite you for suitable survey which suits your age & style of living.
a college graduates or people working at home,house wivews, students can generate a good amount of monthly income can go upto 25000/- per month,just by working hour or two.

sign up free for xcel survey and enjoy the ceaseless flow of money.

join xcel-online surveys for getting following benefits.
while registering with xcel-online surveys ,you are allowed to participate in monthly draw cost near about RS 25000 /-.
there are many attractive prizes to be won like digital camera,web cam,camcorder,T-shirts,mobile phone & I-pods at the week end.
for completing your profiles ,following points are alloted.

Household Technology35
Leisure & Entertainment25
personal finance20
Information Technology40

Being member of xcel-online surveys you are allowed to take part in different online surveys depending upon your profile submitted at the time of registration.the points you received get added up in you xcel survey account .the points allotment depends upon the length of survey and deeply asked questions .points distribution may vary from 10 to 100 points.
once the desired amount of points crossed you are allowed for cheque dispatch.
cheque can be taken out at the following points level.

  • 325 oints
  • 500 points
  • 750 points
  • 1000 points

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  11. Xcelonline survey is a big fraud. They will never reward you for your rewards.

  12. Xcelonline survey is a big fraud. They will never reward you for your rewards.

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